Does anyone know the creator, or any information in regards to this typeface? The only hint I have is Johnson (ca. 1865).

Are there any commercial catalogs showings or full specimen proof of this typeface available?

image: Unknown.png


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Hard to say if it originated at Johnson because it is also shown as Two Lines Pica Ornamented No.5 from Caslon in England, also c. 1865.

Don’t know of any contemporary catalogs showing this face. It shows up in some of my 19th-Century catalogs. The old boys were smart enough NOT to show full alphabets in their specimen catalogs.

Also, I do not recall ever seeing this face in any size larger than 24pt.


Hi Rick,

Thank you for the info. I am wondering if you can upload the showing of this typeface from your specimen catalogs?

It is very hard to locate these catalogs especially since I do not know which one to look for…

Best Regards,

Unfortunately I am pretty much a Luddite when it comes to technology. I do not have the know-how, much less the capability to scan and download the images. Also, the old Caslon and the old McKellar, Smiths & Jordan (includes Johnson material) catalogs that I have are extremely brittle and fragile. The wood pulp in the paper did not hold up well over the last century.

I did carefully get my c.1887 H.W. Caslon catalog out of its homemade slipcase/box and look at it since my first post. It is named Ornamented no. 23 in that catalog and is shown is 4 sizes, the largest being two-line English. I assume that this is probably the equivalent of 30 pt.

This is a very thin catalog and each specimen is comprised of only one word.


Load of Rubbish & Red Herrings prompted by the full word as seen in your specimen above.
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* * * * *

Apologies for the Ramble, but just Possibly a trawl of Chase & Baker records (If Any at all) from 1880,s onward might throw up clues to the Type face used in their AEOLIAN Publicity.

* * * * *
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