Unidentified Press

Does anyone have any idea what kind of press this is? There is a tiny smudge of paint left on the cast iron but the rest is completely rubbed off. There is no stamp or plate with manufacturer name either; a couple of people I’ve spoken to say that it looks like a Kelsey, although the handle is very different from the ones I’ve seen (it should be noted that my experience is limited).

image: IMG_0001.JPG


image: IMG_0002.JPG


image: IMG_0003.JPG


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I don’t have any photos, but I seem to remember there were a series of presses with this style of impression handle that were called “Uncle Sam” presses. It could be this is one of those. Hopefully someone will have a more definitive answer for you, but that might be a place to start looking.

John Henry

I believe this is an early model of the Pearl by Golding. It had this kind of handle, and the platen and its mounting
look Pearl.


Bob is right- Golding for sure. I think John Falstrom has one too.

image: LeverPower.jpg


Here is a picture of the one that John Falstrom found. I am not sure if he still has it, but there are more photos and info on the News section of his site.


image: falstrompress.jpg

Any chance the press is for sale?

Wow, all of you guys are awesome!

petspo1, I’m sorry, I’m hanging onto this one for small projects :-P

Thank you so much for the info and the pictures, AdLibPress and The Arm NYC. This helps IMMENSELY. Now I can confidently get new rollers for this baby.