HELP Identify Machine.

hey guys,
anyone of you know what is the name for this letterpress machine?

image: 104A5496.jpg


image: 104A5498.jpg


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could be a phoenix

Are those words cast into the front of the base? It doesn’t read in this photo.
It’s certainly a European design (heavy clamshell?), and for overhead belt drive. If it were a Phoenix, there would be an anchor mark cast in the base.

One small point which may well help the U.S, based *Armchair Tec`s*.??
The Helical mesh Gear train and teeth (with some research) should give some clue,s as to factory of origin and possibly time frame.?

Are the bolts etc, metric or imperial,?

As the rollers and trucks appear to be serviceable, (and assuming a roller *lollipop* gauge) is available possibly determine the working height, i,e, .918 or continental, generally several thou higher, Thomas *G* will specify exactly.

Is there a serial Number etc. stamped into the platen or the bed under the chase, generally (to view with the platen open) top left or right, just possibilities.