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Hi everyone do you know of any free numbering software or at least a trial version to print with 8 numering heads with variable consecutive numbers to print with the laser printer it would be nice if i also could atach apdf or corel file so i can do all at the same time.thank you all

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You want free software so you can charge for numbering…………

I’ve got a word for that, but it’s not really a nice one. Suffice it to say, the software costs less than one machine and if you’re going to be a printer at least be willing to pay for your machinery/software/etc. Otherwise you’re just somebody who continues the mad dash to the point where there’s absolutely no money in printing whatsoever, and so there’ll be none.

Pony up the pennies and don’t whine: Thirty lousy bucks and it’ll likely be yours; how much cheaper does it need to get?

I’m sure somebody will be along to give you a link to something for nothing.

i actually owe 4 leibinger machines not as cheap as that chinese one that probably wont stand the pressure, anyway im not here to argue about capitalism so just mind youre own buisness im donig well thankyou.
i thought that this forum is about helping each other and with that i mean, the handcrafters not multinationals or cheap chinese handcraft ,thats why they dont make this old time machinery any longer ,because its not good buisneess!!

just google for the software there are 30 day trials for “number star”
But this is a letterpress site and best to avoid mention of digital printing

If you are going to ask fellow professionals about how to shave a handful of dollars off of your successful business’ operating costs, and then get pissed off and dismissive when people point that out, at least try to spell properly and capitalize your questions.

People take time out of their day to provide answers on this forum, and they would probably be more likely to do so if they didn’t also have to spend several minutes translating your posts into English.

Numbering Software, ***Terminology, Typography, Grammar, Spelling, etc. etc.*** re the original, post and the one timed at 00.06, 12th. Aug. even as a 7 year old, my English teacher would have had me stand in the corner with the *D* Dunces cap on, Never a proof reader, but do try, at least to give the New Ones some reference point, possibly.
Coming from an Alleged, Supposed, Would be (FAILED) Printer, most amazing essay ever.???
Mick. A.K.A. 3 PHASE and qualified by Indentures.
Kimaboe and M F M, good comments, probably echoed by many who prefer to remain anonymous.
Perhaps we? should adopt the handle *FAZE X* as in Fazed right out, of English etc.
Just a few of many, and I (capital I in the first person) and I quote, *mind youre own buisness (whats wrong YOUR own BUSINESS) im (whats wrong with Capital I, first person and apostrophe l/c m) donig, (whats wrong with DOING) well. and the very last word, as above, where did BUISNEESS come from, how about Business, perhaps.?.

I retired from the computer industry this year having started as a computer operator in the early 70s when letterpress crashed and made redundant as a master of the windmill.

Towards the end my employer was using more and more shareware/freeware/public domain software/trial software than specific software products, nothing illegal.

Hands up all of you out there using one of the free PDF converters, image editing tools, fonts, clip art and text editing tools to create artwork for your plates? It is now common practice to use free software.

The health warning is copy your system before installing the software, you may find you have put unwanted things on your computer.

First of all thank you mike conway for positive feedback.
Kimbo and mono im sorry 4the misspelling im not a native english speaker but i do speak 3 languages, how many do you speak? Some typos are also about me typing on a tablet not the best choice for grammar.but not that relevant 4 thé purpose i do understand your frustration and hope you get over it and feel better .
Bigup to platenprinter i also started with letterpress and was driven to offset different design software and some folding machines as well ,the struggle 4 surviving.but i still use the windmill almost every day


phase4, English is not my first language either, so to answer your question I speak and write three fluently and have a workable grasp of two more (by virtue of being Scandinavian).

In spite of English not being my mother tongue I try to be precise when asking questions, simply because in my experience it tends to yeild better answers. Who wants to make an effort towards answering a question when it appears that the person asking didn’t feel was worth any effort of their own?

Designers who work with user input have a saying that guides the design of their systems… “garbage in, garbage out”. In a reversal of that, I’d say on average a well formed question lead to a well formed answer.

Then again, several of my friends have commented on my lack of text-speak even in actual text messages, so perhaps there is something wrong with me, foregoing efficiency for effectiveness.

oh what a coincidence i speak and write swedish as well.

He who by reanimating the Old can gain knowledge of the New is indeed fit to be a teacher.


Perhaps I came down a bit harsh, but digital has done enough damage to the industry (part of why I get to enjoy the “new economy”—and trying to build my own business) that when somebody is looking for a “free” solution, which generally winds up beating down the prices we can offer, well I guess I get wound up.

I honestly don’t know where you can get free numbering software, or how well it will incorporate into whatever operating platform you’re using. The sad part is whatever solution you come up with today will probably be obsolete in six months or a year. A pity that.

So far was the spelling/grammar wonks: well this is the Internet—which is by extension an international forum. Lighten up, my gripe certainly wasn’t about language.

That said, I suspect that an extremely good grasp of American english may help in parsing accurate Google searches—perhaps. The above notation regarding software seems as good as any—though my looking about reveal a dearth of 3rd party software for this application.

This programme works well for me, and is a bargain, in my opinion.

I have no interest in the Company.