Heidelberg: feed table not rising

I’m about to start working at a place where the Heidelberg Windmill (red ball) feeding table isn’t riding. The mechanism is moving (lower left gear), but it seems maybe it’s not catching. Anyone have any troubleshooting advice for me?


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There’s a rubber band trick that’s sort of hard to describe. You basically use the rubber band strung from the hub of that gear to the pawl and it forces the pawl to make more substantial contact with the teeth of the gear.

That make sense at all? I might be able to dig up a photo.


Hi Bradley:
I would love to see a picture if you can find one.
I have had issues in this area too.

Anyone ever try a stack of rare earth magnets on that pawl to build up a bit of weight/attraction?

the rubberband works fine. it is a common issue on heidelbergs

The rubber band also works on the delivery table on the cylinders as well. stops the board dropping down when stirring ink in the duct or having a quiet moment to yourself

This works for me.

image: image.jpeg


Thanks for the picture Dennis. Worth 1000 words.