Windmill autostop doesn’t stop

Just moved the windmill, now the autostop does not work at all.
Feeder, air blast, and suction are all normal. I screw the adjusting screw all the way in, the press will not trip. When the press misses a sheet, it just keeps on printing. Help appreciated.

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try to clean the filter submerge it in thinner or other solvent and clean it with an aircompressor if you have on at hand otherwise a tothbrush might do the work

try to clean the filter submerge it in thinner or other solvent and clean it with an aircompressor if you have on at hand otherwise a tothbrush might do the work

There is that black knob for “Thin sheets”, It is right under the screw setting. Is that set correctly? otherwise, something got bumped or moved. as mentioned above, maybe the move jarred something loose in the system. CLEAN. Can you, in the interim, partially open a pick up sucker that is not contacting the sheet? Allowing more air? That system is frustrating at times, especially when numbering with 2, 4, 6, machines.

I found a hose that was split, replaced it, but did not solve the problem. Filters are clean, and thin sheet device is set correctly. It appears the emergency cable may be binding; I’m temporarily removing where its attached to see if that helps. I opened all the suckers (great idea) but that did not help. I used to do a lot of numbering, and yes, that would really be even more frustrating! Thanks for the tips, the search continues.

I haven’t yet tried disconnecting the cable to see if that is somehow bent and interfering. Everything else looks clean and well lubricated. Morning comes, I’ll do it first thing.

i will look at mine again tomorrow. Maybe after we are back on speaking terms.
Just finished a 15,000, 2up numbering job, thus, the auto shut-off was important.

I disconnected the emergency cable, no difference. Press is running excellent otherwise, which is great because I have to meet deadlines.

you can clobber me if you wan bu you are backing that knurled thumb nut all the way back also right? so the screw can go all the way in? sorry, but,,,,,,

Yes of course. Thunk! consider yourself clobbered… I’m coming in tomorrow to work on it some more; usually, if there’s a break in a hose, the press wants to stop. This is the first time I’ve seen this problem. It looks like it wants to trip, but it doesn’t come out with enough force to trip the lever.

lol. k. that system is so fussy sometimes. i run 2 part to 5 part carbon-less crash numbering, and getting it to work “dependibly” can be a real test of patience. I am about finished with these “Drop Zero” machines. the zeros in the middle like to drop out.

I used to set up my machines, 4 solid wheels, then 2 with drop zeros. I also always ran gothic model 50 machines with the larger format, they seemed to hold up better. I stopped numbering because there was too much shoddy material. Carbonless falling apart, etc.

I set up some numbering machines with solid shafts, 4 wheels with solid zeros and 2 with no zeros, just a blank spot. That worked pretty well. The solid shaft and wheels really lasted longer. I used Ultimate Numbering, Ernie in Fridley MN. I hear they are out of business now, but they were great to deal with (for new and rental machines). I sold my letterpress business accounts in 07. I kept 2 windmills, and a couple of accounts, and stuck them in my garage.

Autostop still not working; press keeps running with no paper, and sucker feeder on. All hoses check out. So since it’s running great otherwise, I’m going to wait to tear into it. I’m thinking there’s a broken spring inside. Mid-late November. I have deadlines to meet.

i backed the screw out on mine and saw the spring with
“little weird attacher thingy” and was going to suggest it, but, that would be purely coincidental then i think.

It sounds like this thread is more about numbering on a Berg than the auto shut off feature. I have both windmills and Miehle V 50’s. If you are going to number…get a Vertical….you will love it. I love my Windmills for die cutting which they do so much better then a Miehle. For foil stamping…get a Kluge. Love ‘em all but some presses are just better for some things than others.

We’ve gotten off topic for sure. Still working on the autostop not working, but I am getting a heck of a lot of work done!
I had a pre-war V-50, and it was a great press. I had an older Kluge stamper (factory 14x 22) I eventually shifted all of our foil work over to 3 Heidi stampers, a 13 x 18 and 2 10 bys. All good presses. One thing I remember about numbering on the vertical, I had to buy low plunger machines for it! That was a pain in the neck.

I run standard numbering machines, Models 50 and Models 13’s, I never had to use low plunger machines on my Vert. I have heard the low plunger machines were for the Heidelberg Cylinders…but have no first hand knowledge on that subject.

ok, but the topic here, really kinda is, a windmill that won’t shut off during a missed sheet. my Only comment was, it was frustrating during multiple up numbering.

OK, this is finally fixed, my press mechanic, Roger Tappy, flushed it out with non-chlorinated brake cleaner. It works perfect, I haven’t had a missed sheet without a stop in over 3 months. Apparently, other cleaners leave a residue, but this does not. Thanks for all the advice here. Roger is a member here on briarpress.