Feed Table not Advancing - Heidelberg 10x15

Hello -

My feed table is not advancing past a certain point when the press is set to thin paper using the “adjusting lever” (part T 1621). However, the feed table continues advancing past where it stops while in thin paper setting when the “adjusting lever” is set to the middle position (in between cardboard and thin), see picture named MediumStock.jpg.

While in the thin position the pile stops just at the bottom of the blower or ~ 1/2in from the dot on the feed table, see attached pic named ThinStock.jpg.

I know the pawl (ratchet wheel T1101) should engage regularly until the pile reaches the bar, then it should lift away from the gear each time the press cycles, stopping the table from advancing. When in the thin paper setting the pawl stops and does not advance at a certain point. I cannot see a noticeable difference between the ratchets on the pawl that would cause it to stop working. All the feed table mechanisms seem to be in working order and move freely.

What adjustments do I need to make to advance the pile when set to thin stock? I currently cannot get thin stock to feed since the table stops advancing when it gets close to the blower.

image: ThinStock.JPG


image: MediumStock.JPG


image: IMG_3160.JPG


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a video would help your paper seems very curved at the edges

Possibilities, (but only that) your mechanism appears to be functional but as we have seen here U.K. many times,when the pawl becomes too worn the first reaction is a quick fix i.e. re-contour the pawl to engage the ratchet wheel properly, O.K. up to a point but eventually re-profiling reduces the operating length to the point where the Heel/underside of the lever touches the periphery of the ratchet wheel and prohibits the pawl contacting to its full extent.

With a second pair of hands, turn the M/c. over by hand and observe in slow motion what is happening or Not happening.?

Also unless the pawl is free it is quite common (under operating conditions) for the pawl to fail to engage in the very first available slot, this has been remedied as a quick fix by hanging, (with page cord) a 36 point quad or similar on the pawl.
If it proves too far undersized, a replacement pawl or building up with bronze weld or similar and re-profiled
may be the answer.!!

Apologies for/if dud info.!! but basically based on actual efforts.

There is a lever on the right side of the front feed standard to adjust the height of the air blast. That may help.

Some operators put an elastic band on the linkage down to the crank’s hub to encourage the pawl to engage the ratchet wheel and suppress bouncing.

IIRC, There is also a small counterweight for the pawl under the deck that can be adjusted to help the pawl engage. It can be swung further toward the operator to increase weight on the end of the pawl.

I’m away from the shop for a few days, but if the issue persists, I will watch this topic and get better details and pictures.

Have a nice day.

Hello -

Thank you for all of the help. I did figure out that the Feed Control Rod was making the feed delivery stop prematurely. I adjusted it a bit (making it longer) and was able to solve the problem. I did not know that the Feed Control Rod stopped the ratchet wheel from moving when the paper reached a certain height. I learn something new everyday!

Without paper on the table, the setting on card, the table should stop about 2mm from the sucker bar. On paper it should stop around 12mm. This is adjusted by the eye bolt on the bottom of the chrome rod.
I know you said it was sorted, this is for perfect operation