Model number B51396

I’m looking at purchasing a C&P new style 8x12 (I think). The seller found the model number, but it’s not on any lists I can find. Any thoughts?

image: 40B3C56E-0F9E-41E2-9ACA-4D66F79F8AFB.jpeg


image: 27BF0512-36C7-465E-B6F7-983025B4C92D.jpeg


image: FF1854F0-E99A-4633-89F9-DEB2C98AF013.jpeg


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The number you show is a serial number, not a model number. According to a list of serial numbers printed by Chandler & Price in 1964, press number B51396 was a New Series 8 X 12 manufactured in 1913. I don’t see the 96 part of the number in your picture. Perhaps it is just too faint to photograph well. If the number is B513, then it is an Old Series 8 X 12 press manufactured in 1905.