Brausse 40 inch diecutter

Does anyone have experience setting up and running a Brausse? I looked online for videos, but only found the company ones that showed how easy it is to run. I want to know how to set up and make ready the press…can anyone help me please?

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Yes, but it was awhile ago. Don’t expect dead on register with it. we hadf both a die cutter and a foil stamper. 40’s both of them.

Ericm why can’t a Brausse give perfect register?

Is this an auto platen like a Bobst or a hand fed like a Thomson?

Mike, this is a vertical fully auto press like a big bobst.
The Brausse will do ok when in good condition. Most companies let the gripper chains run WAY too long. These presses are not a Bobst. That being said, for the money, the chains really aren’t too bad to change.
The better product, better dependability, and much shorter set up times make it worth it to change when getting bad gripper register. With side marks running off the sheet, you can see that each sheet, in it’s gripper, (#1’s,2’s,3’s etc.) all match each other, just not together as a lift. I can’t remember for now if there are 7 or 8 grippers. The chain is available in the USA

Where are you located, I might be able to help you with your die cutter.

Cam,,, yoou can call me if you like. I can get you started.