There does not seem to be many Leibinger numbering machines on E Bay and what is there is very expensive. Does anyone know why so few and so expensive?

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Didn’t Leibinger discontinue the numbering machines we use? And the repair and rental companies go out of business? What remains is now collectible.

Leibinger America is just down the road from me about 20 minutes. The main company in Germany quit making parts. I was able to buy some skip wheels from them a few years ago. They may still have some parts. No complete machines tho I think. I still use the machines for numbering multi-page carbonless forms. Otherwise, for single page forms, Digital, and Inkjet variable data machines have stolen our numbering work.

From the UK without doubt the best machines on the market
were the wonderfully made ‘Leda’ boxes, by W Lethaby & Co. Who may still be in business. They were the first maker world wide of E-13b numbering boxes, NOT someone n the US Mr Pat Cockman was the designer of that. We had
other makes available mostly with cast wheels rather than the LEDA engraved steel. I have modest stock of various
not really for sale but could maybe be of assistance.

FWIW-I have a Leibinger 13 Forward Numbering Machine
for sale. Never had ink on it.

image: ForwLieb13 001.jpg

ForwLieb13 001.jpg

Hello all… I checked with both Atlantic Zeiser and Leibinger and the news is not good. Leibinger has stopped manufacture of all typographic (letterpress) machines and are sold out of machines in inventory (except for a few odd ball items). They do still have some of the common replacement part items, such as wheel shafts, shaft screws, plungers, but the more obscure parts are not available. Atlantic has much the same mix of parts but as they are sold they do not plan on restocking even the common parts. Atlantic has a few machine still for sale but a 6 wheel rev. gothic with drop wheels in the 3/16 size is now over 500.00 and the smaller 5/32 size is 320.00. Wheel shafts from Atlantic are $50.00 for either size machine in drop cypher. A complete swing for the 3/16 size is $165.00 Pretty pricey but if you need them better get them NOW. I rent machines, and repair them but don’t have a large enough supply of parts to sell them, but if I can be of help, just call. From what I’ve seen old American made machines that can be repaired are always better than the new Chinese made. Bud

Hello all… I have more than 35 years of experience in numbering boxes, in production and repairing.
I produced the plunger numbering boxes for a few years in FINA company (Fina was a small italian company) and in this company I was a production manager.
I am currently the Leibinger distributor in Italy.
In my stock I have again Leibinger plunger numbering machines 3x6 6 digits, 3x7 7 digits and 4x8 Cic. 6 digits and 8 digits and also offset numbering boxes.