Two Windmills about to be Scrapped


There’s two windmills near Detroit that are about to be scrapped. Is there anyone nearby that can snag them? We’re at capacity at my shop otherwise we would. The owner wants the scrap value of the presses.

You can call Bill at +1 (586) 771-3770 for information about them. Hopefully he hasn’t scrapped them yet.

image: IMG_3669.JPG


image: IMG_3670.JPG


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Heartbreaking :( I would take them in a flash if I was not in Canada.

Are the rollers any good? I would be interested in them. Bob

All those chases in the foreground are interesting too!

Mike, as you mentioned …. yes the chases are interesting. The chase with the numbering machines in it is the best example of the poorest lockup I’ve ever seen. No wonder people have trouble with numbering machines, that lockup could crush the number machines and at the very least cause severe migraine for the operator. Bud

2727printer Totally agree on poor lockup. I will post pictures some day of a system I use with custom furniture.