Inheriting a Windmill

I’m blown away but a friend of mine is clearing a family estate and offered to give this windmill to me if I can move it. What should I know? Is it salvageable? Any guess on age? Anyone in the Midwest that can come check it out and do Maintenance? I don’t think it’s been ran for at least two decades. I’m not really looking but don’t feel I can pass on this. Thanks in advance.

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Take it! This one is from 1955, or after, to about 1968, when roller lockout mechanisms were applied. If it has been sitting, some rust will be encountered and can be dealt with. As for moving and installing in its “forever home”, There are many readers on Briar Press who will offer encouragement and suggestions for this event, when that time approaches.
Once you have acquired this machine and got it working away merrily, you will wonder why you ever hesitated.

Thanks for the help Frank!

Looks like its in pretty good shape. If its not connected to power you can engage the clutch arm and turn the flywheel by hand to make sure everything is moving freely. When the Jaws open check the platen surface, Grippers etc. You can also pull the impression knob to make sure it is engaging.

These are amazing machines you are a lucky man! They can be easily moved with patience and the right equipment.

Good luck!!

Where at in the midwest? :)

Thank you! This is in Oklahoma City.

Is this the one that was in the warehouse on Sheridan?

Yes, I believe so. Have you seen it?