Heidelberg platen motor specs

I need to know motor shaft length and diameter please and thanks. Just don’t have time to take existing motor off to measure.

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Mike, will keep an eye open for a day or two, to see if you receive a reply with info,! if not will post details taken from a spare Original Factory fitted Motor, but will be Original EX, H/berg supplied to U.K. = = = 1.5 H.P. 3 Phase.!!

Does your Motor and Coned Pulley appear to be original, (what does the Legend/Specification plate on the Motor tell you.) if anything.?

Not quite a silly comment, but your Electric supply and its configuration seems to dictate swapping out drive systems, from original… . Good luck. Mick.

I just need the motor shaft diameter and how much exposed shaft required for original pulley
for example (3/4” diameter and 4” of shaft)

disregard found out the hard way and keeping it secret.


Why not share with the group? We’re all in this together, right?


Here U.K. as long ago as the mid 70,s in Letterpress >SECRETS< became redundant.

At that time, when Letterpress was heading into oblivion, Mainly because of the Upsurge in Litho
was the order of the day.

***MUMPING*** . . I. E. The sharing of all the Secrets/Tricks of the Trade, Especially Monotype Diecases, etc., were automatically shared, there was no point in doing otherwise, (We all went down together anyway)

A few that are old enough, see no point in “Keeping Ones cards close to ones Chest M.or F.”

frame number on line will give the specs.