Suckers Hitting Feeding Table

I’m new to this Heidelberg thing.
Yesterday I was oiling a nipple on the bottom of the suction tower and it caused one of the gears to rotate.
Then I was trying to run some thick 110lb cotton paper through and the suckers stopped grabbing the paper. I removed the paper and noticed that as the feeding table moved up it actually came up so high that the suckers were now coming down hard onto the metal feeding table.

Is this normal?

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Not normal. Are we discussing a Heidelberg Windmill?
Explain “suction tower”.

In no way am I talking down to you. You need to have basic training on this machine. It’s dangerous to be using this machine at your level. It will pop you like a grapefruit. It slice you like a tomato. Your ability to explain your problems are not adequate. Seriously. Get some basic training. Where are you located? Call some local printers and see if they have this press.

Read the manual at the minimum. The press is in danger.

First of all, what the other guys said is very true. Secondly, don’t try to oil a moving machine since you are new to press function. It sounds like the paper bale setting is allowing the table to get to high. If the table gets to high the suckers wont pick up. I know that does not sound right but paper to high won’t feed. The sucker bar can also be tilted. There are also control for suction release and blower. Since it sounds like this is a new machine to you there may have been issue during moving with hoses or other moving parts effecting the function of the press. Where are you located there may be someone near you that can help.

_Always_ read the manual for a motor-driven press. If nothing else, it’ll tell you the names of all the parts, where the adjustments are, and some of the things that can go wrong. (If it didn’t come with a manual, there’s probably one available on-line somewhere.)

has operation and parts manuals for many common machines, including the 10x15 Heidelberg platen.