Windmill gripper bars

Other than unbolting and setting the cam opening is there any tricks to replacing the gripper bars. I was not sure if there is any adjustment or timing or anything I am missing. Mine are worn and old ( which works since I am worn and old also) but I want to control my feeding the best I can. It seems like a pretty straight forward operation so what am I missing!!

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Do you need to replace the grippers or do the rubber strips need replacing?

Well the grippers came with the press 5 years ago and are worn a lot on the underside and generally dinged but working. The rubber is heavy duty electrical tape. I pulled one gripper off today to check for cracks and if any shims were in place. I did shim the end to pull the tip up and it did help. Our big issue is we run tight over the die cutting plate and also the typan if we are packed out a little to much which seams to cause an occasional registration problem. As the gripper pulls through it is low and causes the back of the stock to rise a little and when it drops into the guide it can fight the lay pin. I fed a sheet 80% through and when I reach down and lift the gripper tip a little it cures the feeding issue. I am wondering if there is any adjustment or spacer to raise the whole feeder arm system up. I only need a little and wonder what to do.

If you reduce your under plate make ready by .010” you could get your dies made at .927” high The math works and I make many of my H platen dies with .923 or .927” cutting rule