Numbering Toronto area

Looking for someone who is doing numbering in the Toronto area who would be willing to take on some large runs 20,000-100,000 sheets 8.5 x 5.5” 4-12 numbering heads.
I need someone to do overflow when too busy and vice versa.

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I’d love that job, but in Ohio USA.

me too!!! Milwaukee, Wis. Packers are better than the Browns! Pick me!

Sorry not a Football fan at all.

Theo, Eric,
Are either of you capable of doing above with up to 12 heads Leibinger 5/32 Gothic reverse?

Looking for a shop that does this type of work on a regular basis so we can help each other out when swamped. This is not for anyone new to it or unfamiliar with numbering.

I don’t get much for big numbering runs anymore but I could probably help you out……I’m down here in Connecticut though. :(

Hope you don’t have to frisk out the No’s on 12 machines! ;)


Off topic, is there anything interesting letterpress wise to see in Toronto? I’ll be there this week,



Mike -

I am 70 miles west of Buffalo. Contact me through the website below if you need someone who is not too far away with experience in this type of work.