Printle - Wordle for Printers!

Have you discovered Printle yet? This week’s puzzle is now out:

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I’ve given it a couple of tries and have come up with nothing.. I’m a big ignoramus. Where can I see the answer?

Nevermind. I got it, on the 3rd try. :)
won’t spoil it.

After six guesses (full grid) the answer will be revealed.

Funny story!!

I play Wordle almost every day. Out of stubbornness, I always start with the same word. That word used to be BEAST, until a few weeks ago, that WAS the Wordle answer and I solved the puzzle in 1. :)

So I picked a new starting word…perhaps printing related… and I put that into this puzzle today and it was the answer! So another win in 1, ha.

It’s kind of a terrible Wordle word though, so I’m glad someone invented Printle so that I could win with it.

Well done! Made the game a bit short-lived though. Next week’s is a tricky one.

Thanks for everyone’s positive feedback, I’m glad you are enjoying the game.

Next week’s puzzle (out on Monday) will have a “reveal answer” button. I was unsure as to whether it would be a good idea to include one, but no one is forced to press the button!

Dave Hughes