I discovered a way to 3D print stamps for hot foil printing

I discovered a way to 3D print hot foil plates, for a DIY printmaker like myself I often want to quickly create a plate to test print and it is too time-consuming and expensive to machine from metal.

I managed to solve that problem with my 3d printer and some aluminium tape, I was blown away with the results

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Hopefully, this is useful to someone, I know I cant be the only one with a 3D printer and hot foil press

Process and Results - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx9OnI1ksSc

image: 3dprintedhotfoilplate (Medium).jpg

3dprintedhotfoilplate (Medium).jpg

I actually saw your youtube video yesterday and I was quite impressed, I’m going to experiment with this technique and report back. Congratulations on your experiment success. Very impressive.
When I saw the video thumbnail I thought it was something like linotype, it has that fresh cast look :)

Thankyou! Please do share your results