Quality rollers for Kluge

Hi. I’m looking to get new rollers for my 10x15 Kluge.

Has anyone bought these? http://ny-supplies.com/Kluge_rollers.htm

Are they good?

Or which supplier would you recommend?

Thank you all in advance.

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I don’t know anything about their rollers, but their ink is good, and at a great price. They did not know if it was oil base, acrylic, soy or rubber base. However, it runs great, and dries just fine.

I bought rollers for my windmill from them and they are very good (as good as syn tac rollers) and they came with bearings and trucks at a price below what he had listed, I made an offer for 5 bucks less . he also has great deals on perf and scoring rule.

Also go to ebay and buy them. you can make an offer and the price is lower than at their website for the same rollers

Thank you bppayne and donprints. I did order from them. Hope they arrive soon.