Kluge Gripper Cam

Hi guys. I’m interested in knowing if the cam for the grippers on a 10x15 Kluge can be modified so the grippers open earlier than they do when it’s set up for automatic printing.

This press has been stripped of the automatic feeder so we operate it manually, but we can’t use the grippers because they take too long to open for us to feed comfortably.

Thanks for any input you can give on this idea.

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I believe Richard Tautenhahn out of California used to do (or knew someone who did) these conversions on Kluges.


Seems I was able to answer my own question.

It needs a different cam.

image: figures.jpg


image: parts-list.jpg


Thanks for the link, Bradley. Seems someone local might just have what I need.


i have heard of some running a press backwards to hand feed. you would Not want to do this if heavy impression strength is needed. the inking system still works the same as it operates off open and closing of the bed, not the direction of the press.

Have several kluges, models N and NA and NB, both ink and foil, running manual feed. All run backwards from their original direction and the grippers open and close nicely for hand feeding just like a C&P accept the NB. On the NB the grippers don’t close down and grab the paper, they kind of float and grab the paper just as the press closes so that one requires some care in feeding.
The ones with newer motors can change direction by switching wires. The older original motors can be reversed by a physical adjustment inside the motor.
Cut power and open the brush access hatches and see the direction arrow on the bar. Remove screw holding bar and rotate until opposite arrow comes into view, replace screw.
These are pretty tough presses and never had any difficulty putting as much pressure as needed on a job.
Sometimes foil stamping a large plate it really shakes the building but does a great job.
One thing to keep in mind is that the flywheel is spinning towards the operator at the top so you can’t ever grab this wheel to slow down the press like on a C&P or it will probably break your wrist. But hey that’s what the brake is for anyway.If the motor is off and the press is stopped then of course you can rotate the wheel by hand.

In case anyone is wondering. I was able to source the part from a guy locally who is having them fabricated for clients.
It’s supposedly the same part for a 10x15 than a 12x18.

Just in case someone might need this in the future and so they know it can be replaced. The part is really easy to replace and it’s also reversible in case you change your mind.

The part cost me a whopping $55.00 USD. approx.

image: gripper-cam-manual-kluge.jpeg


enriquevw where did you get the replacement gripper-cam part for handfeeding?

Girl with a kluge,

This guy who is an equipment dealer had them fabricated and sells them for $55.00 USD approx. He’s In Monterrey, Mexico. Maybe I can ship you one if you need it. I’ll post a link to a video showing how it works a little later.

This video shows the new gripper cam installed. I think I need to adjust its position a little bit higher. The position is pivoted from the bolt. Then you just tighten it. So it opens a little sooner and closes a little later.
But yeah, pretty happy with it.


Hello Enrique,

Can you get the gripper cam for a 12 x 18 Kluge?
please let me know and the cost.

thank you,
Ted Lavin
Artificer Press
508 208 8444
[email protected]

Hi Ted, I’ll find out if they have it or can make it.