letterpress ink

I am wondering if anyone has used Caligo Safewash ink with metal type on a platen or flat bed press and how they liked it.
Thanks all

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You will find Caligo Safewash is too soft for metal type, it has little tack. I use it for wood type on both a platen and a flat bed.

I noticed the last time I went to order ink that they have a safe wash letterpress ink now…I have not tried it, personally.

I have used their relief safe wash inks on my laser cut bamboo type (on a custom flat bed press) with great success for the last 5 years. I have stuck to oil base and rubber base for my platen presswork. I concur the relief safe wash ink is not tacky enough.

See the ink (and my little wee press) in action here: https://youtu.be/OtyxFv2Edjk

galenasmart, where do you order ink that offers a safe wash letterpress ink?