Help identifying press

Can anyone help me identify this press? I’m restoring it and have sanded and painted it already. No identifiers anywhere on the legs, the only thing I found was on one of the wheels spokes. “Chillington”.

image: D615F1B1-FDE3-4F2C-8F36-CAE29237A8EC.jpeg


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I have seen record that the Chillington Tool Co Ltd of Wolverhampton in the UK had some sort of license from the Campbell Printing Press Co of New York. If the white things on the press are thick felt blankets taken together with the star wheel, then I would think its certainly an engravers or etchers press. One could of course also print unmounted lino-cuts or nylons on it, with the rollers suitably adjusted,
but expect deep indentation anyway! This sort of press was also used in the trade for iithographic transfer work, but thats another world now all forgotten
Source US Patent Office Registers

A PS to the above. To my amazement the Chillington Tool Co of Wolverhampton founded 1892 is still going strong, nowadays only tools and some top quality gardeners tools as well. Wether they know of a printing press past I know not
Grandpa once said that when the Yanks & Brits co-operate something good usually comes out of it.

My guess is that Chillington just made the parts for another company.