Would like to acquire a Vandercook model SP15 or tabletop cylinder press

Dear all,

We are a printmaking studio, based at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (FBAUP), Portugal and we would like to make it possible for our students to start working from letterpress machine.

We are familiar with Vandercook model SP15, but maybe something simpler, like a tabletop cylinder press could work for us at a starting stage.

What would you advise us to buy and what would be the costs of receiving it (if possible) here in Porto, Portugal?

That’s all for now.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
FBAUP’s printmaking team

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As you’re in Portugal, I would look a little bit closer to home at:
Arteina is a Spanish based company that builds excellent presses for gravure and letterpress printing, as well as tools for engravers, drying racks etc.
Instead of looking at Vandercook presses, you might consider looking at Eickhoff, FAG, Grafix or Korrex machines in Europe. Not as expensive as getting an over-priced Vandercook from the USA.

Have you contacted the National Printing Museum in Porto? They could have a suitable press in their collection that is not on exhibit.


You can also contact Luc Durand in France, he buys, sells and restores old presses and he builds new proof presses at reasonable prices.
A video of one of the small presses constructed by him:
His e-mail:
[email protected]