Lino printing with Adana

I’ve got an Adana 8x5 but it has some missing parts including the Chase - very much a novice using the press so does anyone have any advice how this might be modified to print linocuts?
Probably need the Chase though?

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Contact Caslon in the UK, they will be able to supply you with a chase.

If your linocuts are wood mounted to approximately type high, you should be able to print them in the Adana, but be aware that an area of ink greater than about 1/4 the area of the chase will be difficult to print nicely — that is just about the limit of those small tabletop presses. If your linocuts are bigger than that but have a lot of non-printing area in them you should be OK. Paper and ink choice are also important.


Hi, Catherine
Bib is exactly right, its all about pound per square inch. A
shade of variation of course depending on how fit and heavy you are !!! As Bob says much also depends on which ink
you are using. MY Father - a print maker - and I have never used anything other than Lawrences Original oil based
range. ( With turps sub for clean up. ) Modern papers are
often meant for lithography or digital, and tend to be very solid and hard. A bit thicker and ‘bulkier’ - call it fluffy) if you can find it, is helpful. Try looking at John Purcells range

thanks All, that’s really helpful, I’ll give it a go!