Magnesium Die for foil stamping

I’m looking for a Magnesium Die/Casting vendor (Foil Stamping plates) — Any suggestions? I live in Los Angeles but work with out-of-state vendors as well.

Thank you for your help.


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Owasso in Michigan. Or try Metal Magic in Az. Copper isn’t that much more expensive and is much more durable. It is also more readily recyclable

Owosso Graphic Arts is good. But why magnesium? For about the same price you can get copper, which holds up better, and transfers heat better.

other great reasons for copper. remember also that magneseum flakes from sawing are VERY flammable. Good luck putting the fire out without VERY specialized fire fighting equipment

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Aram does a fantastic job.

If it has to be magnesium—Bauer Engraving in Rancho Cordova or Beaver Engraving up in the Portland Oregon area. I prefer copper over emboss-cleaner impression, holds temperature very well, and dies last a lot longer. I highly recommend Metal Magic for your copper dies

We get copper dies from Universal Engraving. You also have A & G Engraving in Los Angeles for mag dies

Does anyone know of a Canadian source?

They offer all types of plates/dies

to be honest, only the biggest producers here in the USA still do acid etch. EPA is coming down hard on them. Many are just switching over to CNC cutting. waste is recyclable and no chemicals.

Thank you! John Flynn

How are the CNC dies? Do they have good detail?

CNC Dies are often even better than etched dies. They don’t have to worry about “Burning Through” Very thin lines on foil dies. They can usually go a small bit deeper with embossing dies

Im not too far from Los Angeles and I use Graphic Dies in Santa Fe Springs near the 605. They turn out dies in 24 hours depending on when you email your artwork and can pick them up will call. I use copper for foiling and the mag for emboss mostly because the dies are usually etched deeper on the mag.