Miniature Heidelberg platens

I have heard, twice now, of people who have seen or knew of miniature Heidelberg Platens. They worked like a full size one, although I don’t think would take regular type. One of the people said in Germany new operators/apprentices were given one to assemble and keep. Can anyone confirm this? I would be interested to see photos of one if there are any around.

Graham in NZ

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Following on from the previous post, I have since visited the Heidelberg Printing Press factory in Germany, and seen a model one there, 1/5 scale, full working model.
So then I decided to build my own during the first lockdown here. It a 1/12 scale, part of a mini print shop I’m making.
I started on a guillotine this week, with NZ back in lockdown. It is based on an Ideal 525 model guillotine, the type a small/quick printer would have over here.

image: UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3780.jpg


Neat! But, he’d better watch how close he gets his nose to the press.


is that Gumby’s Uncle? Very Cool.

It’s Mr Bean! So there could be trouble on the way.

Only 4 fingers, not a good sign