Megill Automatic Register Gauge

Just curious if anyone has one of these, has used one of these, or is willing to sell one of these Megill Automatic Register Gauges. I’ve personally never seen one, but I’m curious as to how well it works.

A second question would be, are there other products like this one out there?

image: megill.jpg


image: megill-2.jpg


image: megill-3.jpg


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Here’s a view of the one I have—[email protected]/28010404526/in/photolist-Df1yq6-DcGfK5-ChC6Fg-DcGeYA-HQ7Jsb-JFbDp5-HMYFsa-JGPMZG

And I have never tried it. It’s in good shape, original box.


Thank you for sharing the photo. I suppose by saying you have only one set, that you don’t want to get rid of it. :)

So this operates similar to the way a side guide works on a Kluge? From what I can see, the gripper comes down, puts force on the piece sticking up, and the guide gives a little push to your stock before impression. Seems like that would be an amazing thing to have on a press for multi-color jobs.

Looks kinda fragile, but Megill made good stuff.