Alpha Blox

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Does anyone have any info on Alpha Blox (American Type Foundry), that are put together to construct your own typeface?

Even better if you have some for sale/ know someone who can cast them…

Many thanks,

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If you are interested in Alpha Blox you need to speak to Alex Brooks of Press 817.
[email protected]

I can tell you that they are not a common “find.” I have been collecting type and such for over 30 years and have only run across Alpha Blox less than a handful of times out of the hundreds of shops I’ve raided over the decades.

In all that time I managed to assemble a fairly decent amount of 12 pt. and only a marginal amount of 24 pt.

I have used it in several projects over the years and can tell you that you pretty much need a heavy arsenal of all characters to attempt something fairly decent, simply because of the number of units required in the final design.

Neat stuff if you can find it.

One of my maxims over the decades was to grab the nice borders and things such as this whenever I could find them, no matter if they were incomplete (only three corners or only a very small amount). This is because if I keep looking I find that eventually I will run into more of it and can complete/enlarge my holdings and be rewarded with a decent or complete amount to work with. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been glad that I picked up “bits and pieces” of things only to find more later and eventually end up with decent stock.

Thanks so much for this- will get in touch with Alex.

I have not come across Alpha Blox at all, but wasn’t sure whether this was due to my location (UK). I do however have details from an ATF catalogue, and in a full fount there are up to 60 of some characters, proving your point!