Paper Suggestions

I have a client that wants business cards printed on something similar to chipboard or ‘kraft’ stock but is made with recycled content but doesn’t want to use chipboard. (go figure) I know Neenah and Mohawk have some options but they are only 80lb cover and I prefer something a little thicker.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I’ll be curious to see suggestions on this too…

As for mine, you might check out Domtar Proterra. Its not super heavy - but is available in 100lb cover. There’s a few colors to choose from,”Jute” looks the closest to a kraft finish.

This paper prints well too, its not a coated paper - but not as fiber-ish/grainy as other kraft stocks I’ve been able to find

Just found my book: This paper is also 40% post-consumer


What about French Paper ( They have a lot of options that I think your client might like. You can get Speckletone Kraft in 100lb cover at least.

Yeah, I prefer to use French but they didn’t like the smooth surface. They want basically chipboard but I think don’t like the idea of using chipboard… too low brow I guess?