moving of presses

We are an art center who needs to store our presses for a period of time, a litho press, two etching presses, and some other kind of press (yes, I am not an expert).
They will be moved into a dry heated space.
My question is, do I need to hire a specialist to dismantle the presses (given the size of the door) or is it a job that a careful and knowledgable mechanic can do? I realized that when we are ready to use them again, we would need an expert to set them up again, but am just wondering about taking them apart and moving them.
If anyone can help, i would appreciate it. This is a job that needs to be done now!

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Kathleen, It all depends on the press and the people moving it. A careful mechanic should be able to disassemble and move an etching press, small litho press, or even a C&P letterpress without too much difficulty. BUT if it’s one of the old monsters with automatic feeding, and all sorts of gadgetery….. you might want to hire a specialist to move it.

thanks for the speedy reply.
I appreciate your help.

Good riggers (movers) are a godsend if you have the money. You can split the move as well. Move the easy stuff yourself, save the heavy stuff for the pros. They seem expensive but no one getting hurt and no damage to equipment is sometimes worth it. Or move easy stuff yourself, have the mechanic break it down for the door and finally the riggers move the machine. In my experience the riggers are good at moving but not so good at the fine tuning after a move. We had a cutter that was dropped during a move (damaged beyond repair) by movers not riggers so get references from other printers. Also take lots of pictures of the disassembly and tag every nut and bolt to remember placement. Good luck!

thanks….great idea about photographing the process and parts!