Paper in the UK

I have a potential client from the UK that wants DL and C5 envelopes, letterhead and comp slips. I’m having an impossible time finding these items in the US. She is willing to purchase the items there and send them here (US) for printing. Can anyone in the UK recommend a good crisp business paper with appropriate sized envelopes?

Also, I’m assuming that comp slips are of a cover weight. Is this correct? Are they sold in the appropriate size or do they need to be cut down?

I’ll be so grateful for any assistance you UK printers can give!


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Conqueror is possibly the best known of the prestige business papers in the UK; and has matching envelopes in both DL and C5 sizes, paper is available in a number of finishes and weights. When I was a printer some 20 years ago it was made by Wiggins Teape, but I believe they have merged and are now known as Antalis; I do not know if they have any outlets in the States. Try a Google for their website.

I appreciate the info, Bern.


Other paper suppliers in the UK that I can recommend (who can supply envelopes to match the paper) are GF Smith, Fenner Paper and Paperback.

Thanks, Rose!

I’ll look into those suppliers.