Paper - Need help finding!

Hi Everyone~

I was at a local stationery store recently and the store had this beautiful sparkly (sort of glitter shimmer, not giant specks) thick recycled (rag maybe?) paper that would be PERFECT for letterpressing. Does anyone have any idea where I could get this paper? The store ran out of it and wouldn’t give us the name of the manufacturer.

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the paper you describe is more than likely one of the “Curious” collection sheets, either the “metallics” or the “iridescent”. I doubt there’s any cotton in those sheets however but I imagine they would print well on letterpress, consider mixing matte varnish to your ink, very cool effect, matte ink on sparkling paper… Curious is manufactured in Europe, France I believe, by Arjo Wiggins, distributed by Appleton in the US, 1.888.488.6742,

I would steer clear of any store not willing to give me the name of a brand of paper, one has to wonder if they think you’ll go without finding it if they don’t give you the name.

You might consider avoiding stationery stores altogether in fact. Letterpress is a printing process, so do as the printers do, they don’t buy their paper from stationery stores, rather they deal with paper merchants.

As a designer & printer, this resource is available to you as well, although I admit that if you’re looking to buy 50/100 8.5x11 sheets at a time you’ll have to live with the extortion rates stationery stores charge. However, some paper merchants run a “cash & carry” department where you can buy smaller quantities without having to open a commercial account. You will pay a premium for buying at the “broken carton” rate, but you’ll at least have a choice of hundreds of different stocks for your projects.

Contact a friendly local printer, ask for the names of the local paper merchants.

Good luck in your research.

Try Porridge Papers — it sounds like it might be one of these:

We loooooove Porridge Papers. Clients love it, too.