Learning about a Kluge N series

I have a new addition to my print shop. It is a series N Kluge from about 1932.

It did not come with a manual and I need to learn more about the paper feed and delivery system, specifically the adjustment for the paper delivery ratchet that advances the stack of paper to meet the delivery suckers. Right now it advances too far during each cycle.

I have been printing letterpress for about 20 years but have always used hand fed presses.

Is there a book or a manual that someone could suggest that is available?


Kent Aldrich
Chieftain, The Nomadic Press

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I don’t know much about the different Kluge models myself, but you might check out Boxcar’s site…


They’ve got a couple Kluge manuals there that might be what you’re after (or hopefully, at least help you out).


There is a “thumb screw” at the top of the delivery ratchet that advances the paper. If you turn it clockwise it will make the paper come up faster, if you turn it counter clockwise it will make the paper come up slower. You don’t need to turn it very much.

Page 19, Kluge Feeder Instruction Book: “If not feeding, advance stock by by a slight LEFT turn of elevator thumb screw, 420A, until picked up as desired…” Therefore, clockwise, slower; counter clockwise faster! “Never have elevator setting so high that suction tips depress the stock.”

Jason -
The box car site had the manual I was looking for along with manuals for my Vandercook Universal I and a parts book for my C+P.
I spent a good deal of time downloading and printing out the information that I found there. Thanks.

Wildmh -
Straight to the point. Thanks.

Stanislaus -
Thanks for your input. It all helps.