Just out of curiosity, for any of you that do hobby printing out of your home.

How do you dispose your waste? Washing ink down a sink drain? Throwing ink/chemical filled towels or cotton pads in the regular trash?

The clean up is something I haven’t grasped in my mind yet on how I want to approach before starting a letterpress hobby.

How do you clean up when it’s in your home and how do you dispose of waste, especially ink you can’t save and any cleaning chemicals? Anything else I am forgetting?


Brent Weaver
Mankato MN

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Hi Brent,
Sometimes a local printer will rent you or lend you some rags, and then you can then return them to him for his rag service. When that is not available, simply let the rags dry out and the put them in the trash.
Danny Kelly

You don’t use much ink and often what’s left is less than a teaspoonful. I wash up my small presses with a partial sheet of newspaper laid on the ink disc and solvent on the rollers, so I wind up with 4 or 5 soaked sheets of newsprint to pitch plus a very small amount of ink wiped onto one of them off the ink knife. Nothing goes into the drains and very little into the wastebasket.