CE Kelly

I have a CE Kelly press that had a broken reversing gear shaft and was replaced. Now the timing is off. Does anyone know of any web site, company, individual, or any kind of help to get this machine back into time? Any thing would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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BPratt -

Did you ever find someone with Kelly parts - or an interest in Kelly presses?

I’m trying to find a home for a running Kelly Three located in Garfield, NJ. (USA) . Until July of ‘09, it was used to print a small weekly newspaper. Now that the newspaper has ceased publication, it’s no longer used, the building is for sale and the press is ready to be taken to a new home - or to the scrap yard.

If you’d like this press for yourself. Let me know. I’ll be posting a video of it on Youtube soon.

Yours is a CE, which I believe was made in the UK by Vickers, is that correct?

- Alan

Hi Alan,

Yes the CE Kelly was made in the UK by Vickers Armstrong.
A firm renowned for their expertise and high quality engineering.

I ran a CE for many years, and they were ideal for long runs with their pre-load facility and deep pile delivery, although they were rather a noisy beast, but set-up correctly by a good operator they would run all day long.

One feature that I always thought was intriguing to watch was the double-roll facility

The CE Kelly is the English manufacture of the Kelly C and indeed were the last Kelly C’s built. This is a great press and has all the features (and any drawbacks) of the rest of the Kelly line.

I have a couple of illustrations that I transcribed from factory erectors notes in my manual and if you’re interested I can e-mail a copy. Somebody else was having this problem and I sent them the info, but never did hear back from them. Still, it might be of use.

Let me know, it’d be nice to get another one of these back into production.

Michael Seitz

Hi, all—

I would be glad to post excerpts from a booklet published by the International Printing Pressmen & Assistants’ Union of North America: Lesson 10 of the Technical Education Correspondence Course, that includes material on the Kelly No. 2. That’s the 36” Kelly, so it may not help much with a C Kelly. There is a section on adjusting the register rack, and one on timing feeder with press (as well as other info).

Let me know if you would like this. Brian