Help Please!!! Adana 8x5

Hi There - i’ve recently become a new owner of an Adana 8x5 press and after an hour i’m thinking i’ve made a big mistake.

I’ve managed to unpack it and that’s about where it ends.

I’ve been trying to attach the rollers but cannot for the life of me get them to fit. Are they too big or am i doing it all wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.


image: Roller Pic - looks like roller is too big

Roller Pic - looks like roller is too big

image: Closeup of roller

Closeup of roller

image: My pretty new press

My pretty new press

image: My pretty new press

My pretty new press

image: My pretty new press

My pretty new press

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The trucks (the black wheels on the ends of the rollers) are attached to the roller core with a set screw. The set screw is in a little hole on the truck.

You could try loosening the set screws on the trucks. Then push them in toward the rubber part of the rollers. Then re-tighten the set screws.

Worst case scenario, if that doesn’t work, just trim a little of the rubber off each end and push the trucks in a little further.

thank you RMG - did that and also noticed that the two “arm things” should give a little. The left spring/arm worked but the right was jammed so i worked some vasoline through it and it now springs back and forth.

It still seems to clunk alot when i move the lever up and down. Should i expect it to be a smooth ride?

You still have quite a bit of adjusting ahead of you before you are able to print anything. It looks like your press was refurbished, i.e. taken apart, painted, rust removed, and put back together again.

If the press was not adjusted to print after it was put back together, you are going to have to adjust some parts to get it back to where you want it. Start with the four bolts in the back of the press.

If you are mechanically inclined then it should not be too much of a problem, if you are not mechanically inclined I would suggest finding a friend or family member who is. Find the instruction manual and look up “type high”, you might even need to look up “tape the rollers” on this website. Go to the store and buy some proper oil.

All printing presses require the operator to do a bit of tinkering and adjusting throughout the process. This is great for people who like that sort of thing, but quite different from using an ink jet. Have fun!