Help in Pittsburgh Pa

I find myself staring at my new Kelsey 5x8 press with no idea what to do first! It was just delivered and I can’t wait to get started but I’m realizing I’m in need of some help, instruction, anything…If there is anyone in the Pittsburgh area or if you know of anyone I could contact for a one time set up/lesson please let me know.
Thanks all,

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Katie…. not to worry. There is a lot of Kelsey information here, and on-line. The best place to start is at:

If you read and study this manual, you’ll have no problems setting up and printing with your machine. After that, you might want to read many of the posts in the “digital” section here. They’ll steer you right in making photopolymer plates.

Try Artist Imagery Resources aka AIR on the Northside. I think it’s on Foreland Street - parrallel to East Ohio.

It’s an open studio space for artists. They have letterpresses and classes.

great thanks! I’ve checked out the online manual and will look into AIR now, thanks

Ok, no luck with AIR- they are not doing any letterpress right now! Too bad….it would have been perfect. Still searching then for someone to take a look at my Kelsey, help me get it going…any printers interested in Pittsburgh? Definitely willing to pay for a lesson or two…