Translucent ink

How do you make a letterpress print translucent ink? I use oil based ink and some of my colors i want to print as if they are light and in the background. Do I add mineral spirits? I want it to still saturate the paper….and good suggestions would be appreciated.

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You can get ink called transparent white as an additive for mixing colours. I prefer to use opaque white I think it gives a better solid coverage of colour. What do others think about this?

I have also printed with high gloss varnish on uncoated paper - with some pretty interesting results.

Good luck

Handschy tint base seems to work just fine, but its loose as anything so you have to stiffen it up. I’ve also used it before as a base for mixing transparent metallics from pigment powder and it’s worked fine on reliefs and lithos too.

I’ve used transparent ink on medium tone paper many times. It works great, it tints the paper just a bit darker. Here is an example.

I have used PMS 7527 on white and offwhite paper and it does really well when you want the color very subtle.


thanks! I’ll have to try out some of these…