what size is my heidelberg windmill?

Hi, new to letterpress printing. I have 2 heidelberg windmills and just don´t know what is the size? I need to buy gripper bars and don’t have a clue about wich to buy. I meassured the gripper bars and are almost 14 inches long, and I also meassured the bed and is close to be 15 3/4 x 11 1/2 inches. my chase is 13 3/4 by 10 1/4 inches ( inside )

Thanks for your help

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Actually I did measured my chases, thing that I have never done before. It never occurred to me.

Your press is a 10”x15”.



Thank you André, any recomendation as for the place to buy gripper bars? OEM distribuitor is too $$$$$

You have a 10 X 15 windmill. They have been around a long time. The first series had serial numbers below 50,000 and a black ball on the impression handle. The second series had the serial numbers starting at 100,000 and used a red ball on the handle. The third series has lock out rollers and I am not sure of the serial number break. All are fine presses with the most recent ones (with the lockouts) as the most desireable. Make sure you have the serial number handy when ordering parts because the parts are not interchangable for all years. Grippers may be but I am not sure. I have seen some grippers from Arizona Press Parts. I am not sure what went wrong but they were not right for the gentlemans press and did some damage. I would say to stick with original Heidelberg parts although you will be paying a small fortune. Maybe even a large fortune! Your best bet is to look for an equipment dealer that is parting out a windmill and has some good grippers. I even see them on e-bay once in a while. I have one extra if you are interested in going that route. Good luck with your press and feel free to contact me with any questions. I have run windmills for 30 years and know them well.


Hi Rich, thank you also for that great and detailed explanation. I will start with getting a quote for OEM grippers, get back to you later. Thanks for the advice on e-bay I’ve seen some but wasn’t sure about what size mine were.

I can ad that the grippers are the same from 1950 to 1985 models. For sure.