Basement Move: Golding Jobber

I’m looking to purchase a Golding Jobber #7 but it’s in a basement and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how many pieces it can be “Broken” down into to make this easier than spending $2500 to get someone to move it for me & any other advice/warnings, etc…


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Forget it… p. 906, ATF Book, 1923: “Frame and bed are one ponderous casting.” Yes it is!!!! Weight 1530#. Not like a C&P where you can split the front and back and pull out the crankshaft and flywheel. “Breaking down?” FORGET IT!!! We’ve had one of these done years ago and it’s not worth it. As far as disassembly goes, these things have more springs, cams, levers, etc., than a sewing machine. Look for an 8x12 C&P, Vandercook or C&P Pilot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!!!!