Oil Ink on roller - How to clean it?

I used oil based black ink and I don’t know what to use for clean up . I ordered some California Wash cleaner but it has not arrived yet. Can I use alcohol or any other product in the meantime? Will the ink damage my rollers if I don’t clean them right away?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi. Run right down to the hardware store and get a quart of odorless mineral spirits. I’ve been told that oil-based ink should not stay on the press for more than four hours.


Go to Sam’s Club and get a bundle of white rags. Then to Home Depot for a 5 gal. white paint bucket with an orange lid. Keep your clean up rags in the bucket and once every two weeks or once a month depending how much you clean with mineral spirits take them outside and let them dry out (4-8 hours).


thanks a lot!