attachment for windmill 10x15 for numbering

im looking for attachment that will turn paper over so i can use forward numbering machines. this will allow me to start at the starting # and just turn pile upside down ,so the low # is on top. ive seen this in heidelberg press books before.

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Good luck finding that attachment. I’ve never come across one in real life.

You will have much better luck finding a reverse numbering machine. There are tons of used ones available and they are still making new ones.


we have plenty of # machines. i cant always be sure if there is 5000 sheets if the job calls for 5000#s. so i split all the stock and run 2500, if there is more than 2500 i know i have enough stock for the other half. its a pain. If i use the attachment, i can start at the fist number and run all the stock ,and if there aint enough o well, thats there last good #.

I can hear those same words come out of my own mouth.

What I really love, is when someone brings in a $20 #ing job and expects me to pull a 3 color invitation because they are in a hurry.

But nevertheless, good luck finding that attachment. But I think they might be only pretend.

I never heard of such accessory. But I remember doing this task by hand. Does this thing exist for real?

52 years of Heidelberg expertise and I’ve never heard of such a devise.

We changed all our numbering boxes over time with ones that could easily be changed from backward to forward sequence. Cannot remember the manufacturer, as I’ve been retired for 14 years, but I believe it was :Leiber.

Bi-matic makes numbering machines that go either forward or backward with a flip of a switch. When I would number, I would always start short and number backwards so the low number ends up on top. 5000 run I start 100 short, 500 run is 50 short. Easy enough to count the remaining at the end to make up the numbers. If a customer shorts you more than that on an order, they deserve to be shorted in return. Overs are needed as spoilage in numbering is a given. The greatest invention for a letterpress numbering operation is a counting scale. Gives you an accurate count in less than a minute and you never have to guess again! I used mine for the last 10 years or so. Made by weightronix. I sold mine for 250.00 a few weeks ago. They are about 1000.00 new. You can buy them used on ebay. Good luck. I think if you ever find that attachment it might cost more than a used counting scale!