Up until now I’ve just been using old t-shirts as rags for cleaning up. I’ve now run out of any with suitably crusty armpits, so would love to know what other people do for rags. I’m not commercial so don’t need masses as I currently only really print every couple of weekends. At college (some years ago), it was all very easy dirty rags were cleaned and reused, is there any commercial service which does this on a very small scale?

Insights into what others do would be greatly appreciated, I’m in the UK (London), thanks for your ideas, Alistair

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based in Romford, phone no is on the website.
They supply white rags in 5kg boxes.

also try http://www.lmb-supplies.co.uk thay are in london and can supply rags in different grades and colours

I use used (but clean!) cotton diapers from local diaper services. I can re-use them quite a few times before disposing of them