Looking for a font

Hello everyone

Im trying to find a font called “grace swash.” I can’t find it for sale anywhere, but I have seen samples of it. It’s a monogram font. Does anyone know where I can get it?

image: grace swash.jpg

grace swash.jpg

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Believe that’s Bickham Script (Pro) using the alternate swash characters for the uppercase.


Hope that helps.



Briar Press is a letterpress website. Let’s keep it that way. I’m sure there are other websites to answer your photo-composition questions! Please don’t clutter up the Briar Press site up with all this high-tech state-of-the-art modern technology. Thank you!

Stan….. I’m not a big fan of mixing computers and letterpress either, but since this particular posting was in the “digital” portion, and could be used to create photopolymer plates, I think it’s a perfectly appropriate posting.

Besides, it’s a nice looking font…. and I might just copy it and carve a few wood-types from it.

I only posted it here because I am wanting to print some wedding invitations for a friend, and I am in the process of designing them. I thought my fellow printers would be interested. Didn’t mean to offend!

Aw c’mon… it was an innocent question that I just figured had something to do with a wedding invite. Bickham Script is probably one of the most popular faces in photopolymer. No harm, no foul.


This is not a photo comp face. And a lot of letterpress has been printed with it.


How in the world do you get the “N” and “i” as a ligature in Nicole” as above, in metal type???? ‘Nuf said…..

Easy. You print the ‘icole’ and then set/print the ‘N’ in register.

Come on Stanislaus…

You have it made into a copper/magnesium cut. Or photopolymer. Last time I heard all of those were compatible with letterpress.

Why so grumpy? This is, after all, the DIGITAL category.

Sorry, I’m not at all grumpy, it’s just I didn’t take my dad’s advice: “Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!”

Wow. Are you referring to me or Gerald? Or both?

Um, I was wondering if it was something his dad said to him, mistaken as advice.

I’d suggest that one should not restrict typography to insular technological thinking. Opens up a whole new world of possibility.