Arkansas River Valley/Ouachita area letterpress folks

Hey everybody,

My wife and I just moved (back) from Kentucky to Arkansas River Valley and I’m curious about any letterpress operators in the area. I’m hoping to get in touch with anybody, including in the Little Rock area, who knows the names of any long-time press operators I can get in touch with.

Thanks very much!

Bryan Moats

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Bryan - Lucky you!! You just happened to move into the area where one of the largest private collections of presses and type is located. It is owned by one of the most knowledgeable and capable printers you’ll find, and I am sure that he has all the information you could use to keep you going for a long time. See the Shooting Star Press.

For a preview of what’s there, see photos posted on Don Black's Linecasting Service .

Thanks so much for the compliments Elizabeth. You’re very kind.
Byan, I’m just outside of Little Rock, and I’d be happy to give you a tour of my shop and talk printing until our spouses go screaming the opposite direction.

John Horn