Packing the Press

Hello, I have a 8x12 Oldstyle Chandler and Price. Im printing deep releif polymer plates from box car on 300gsm lettra, and oiled tympan sheets from NA graphics. Any advise on the best packing to use?

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I use Kromekote coated cover from Smart papers, I have 8 1/2 x 11 sheets in 6, 8, 10, 12 pt. then if I need a touch more I use tracing paper or pages from a phone book.

With the paper you are printing, you would want to use a hard packing on the press.

Over the years of use, the platen gets adjusted for various work, so no one can tell just how thick the packing must be, but use good hard-surface paper and or mylar for the packing. Start low and add sheets until you get an even impression across the sheet. Sheets can then be added to give you the impression depth you desire into the surface of the Lettra.

If you can find a source for film material (printer with imagesetter, local newspaper, hospital imaging dept., etc.) you will find very smooth, hard surface material to use for packing a press. Kromekote or hard-surface index stock will work fine as well. I would avoid using the Lettra as a packing material as it is very soft and would not work very well unless you wish to have a lot of imression showing on the back of the sheets you are printing. Most people try to keep the impression within the sheet since it is soft and thick.

Hello! Thanks for all your info and help. Im in Australia and can’t seem to find mylar or Kromekote here. Are there any aussies who can recommend what they use, or what is easily sourcable?

you can purchase kromekote here: