DIY table-top press

As , apparently I live in a country were nobody sells table-top Pilot Presses, and as I’m passionaded about it , I was wondering if it would be possible to build a machine who could work as an table-top Pilot Press ? Maybe trying to do as Gutemberg did …. Any suggestions ???!???

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Elisabeth- yes you can make your own press. It’s not terribly difficult. I’ve made several, and so have others here. My two best have been a 12 x 18 flatbed press and a 7 x 10 Handpress. Both work surprisingly well. If you search back in this discussion forum you can find rather complete descriptions, discussions of their pros and cons and pictures of several different home-made presses, including mine.

Please keep us posted as to your progress…. and if you have questions, feel free to ask. A LOT of folks here can help you.

Elisabeth - it depends where you are - for example the UK equivalent of a table top press such as the Pilot press is the Adana - you see them on ebay quite regularly. Your own country may have an equivalent - it’s worth doing some research.

There is a manual (9-page article, dated 1961) on making your own press currently up for auction on eBay. 360066762083