parts for Craftsman Monarch

I’m looking for parts for these letterpresses. Can anybody suggest a supplier? Thanks, Jack

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I’ve heard that Craftsmen Machinery Co. is still in operation, but I haven’t ever seen a list of parts that are available for old lever presses.
How complete are your presses?
What are your plans for them?

The problem with locating parts for Craftsman presses is that they are not “Craftsman” they are CraftsmEn….. with an E.

They do not have much of a web presence, just a simple web-page, but they are still extant. AND they say they have all sorts of parts available. According the them:

“As the manufacturer of the Craftsmen Imperial, Superior, Monarch and Pilot hand letterpresses, we maintain a vast inventory of factory, new parts and accessories.


Craftsmen Machinery Co., 840 Main St., Suite 208, Millis, MA 02054
Phone: (508) 376-2001 FAX: (508) 376-2003 [email protected]

Sooo…. there you have it. Too bad Sigwalt does have similar support…..

thanks for your help. As it happens, I live very close to Craftsmen Machinery in Massachusetts and have called them for help. Nice guys and very helpful.