Where to get roller bearers?

I am need some roller bearers for my C&P 8x12. Does anyone know where to buy them? We only use photopolymer, so I can’t repurpose a line of big metal type for bearer purposes.

Does anyone have some to part with? Does anyone here make them?

Unfortunately, I need these in a hurry :(

Thank you in advance…

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If you are talking about “roller supports,” you can fashion these out of photopolymer plate strips (18- to 24-pt), set at the edges of your base and outside of the printing area.


I made two different kinds: one from wood and the other from 24 point rule. You can see a photo of them here:


The ones made from rule seem to work good and they were already type high.

What year was your press made? I ask because my 8x12 made in 1893 does not have rails that are type high which was apparently normal on many older presses. The difference is 1/16” meaning the trucks should be 1/8” greater in diameter than the rollers. This makes the rollers 1 1/2” and the trucks 1 5/8”.

The original steel trucks were lost ages ago and for many, many years Morgans were in the print shop I got the press from since they can be adjusted to the necessary diameter. I still use them but right now the tires are in poor shape and until I can afford new ones the bearers help. Perhaps your press is one of these oldies.

If a TechShop ever opens near me, I’m planning on making a few batches from stainless or aluminum L bar. Alas, that doesn’t help you at all.

I have a pair for a 10x15 C&P which is odd, since I don’t own a C&P. i use them on a proof press. I would be happy to lend them if they were the right length. Alas, that doesn’t help you either.

They seem to be necessary these days. Our presses aren’t getting any younger.

Hello, I would really like to find roller bearers for my 8x12 C&P as well. Also a 1893 model. Any advice?

Cheers, Alischa

I flipped some rules that I had around (the bottom was thicker than the type area) and then rounded the sharp edges. Has worked well for me for years. But with the Boxcar base it’s a bit of a challenge because the base is usually much larger than the plate and doesn’t leave a lot of room for the bearers. I love the polymer rule idea. Gotta get me some. (If I continue to use the polymer plates.)

Build the bearers into your plate so that it is part of the image before your make the negative. Then the bearers are part of your plate instead of something separate which could move. Just keep them as close as possible without becoming something that won’t be cut off.



I made a set by milling down a 1” square piece of hardwood to type high and sanding the corners off so it doesn’t cut my rollers. Then I just lock it up in the far edges of my chase, and viola! Easy roller Bearers. Just make sure that they aren’t on the printed page or they’ll make a nasty mess.