C&P 12x18 Treadle Question

Hi All-

I just acquired a C&P 12x18 Craftsman. It did not have a treadle, and I purchased one (for a 10x15) from Hern Ironworks.

After installing it, it seems that my press sits too low and thus the treadle hits the ground before the flywheel makes a full rotation.

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on treadling a 12x18, and if there is another source for the right one? I would prefer to use this press with a treadle until I can have a motor installed on it.


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How much more ‘depth’ to the pedal do you need? I would assume you could put the corners of the press on sturdy platforms to give this extra depth. Treadling a 12x18 is serious work… about 8 pedals per impression. However it can indeed be done and I think all you’d need to do is raise the press a bit. Just make sure your platform is up to the task.

How long did it take to receive your 10x15 treadle from Hern? I have been thinking about switching to a treadle on my 2 platens and was curious what the lead time was on these parts.


You can raise the height of the press by putting 1” x 4”s under it or you can find? a shorter treadle hook. Hern also makes those but you usually have to file off the corners to make it clear the press during rotation. Mine is working with a hook that fits a 10 x 15 so the travel distance during rotation is different but it works. I had to put the press on 4” x 4”s but I am six feet tall so the height is okay. If you are shorter, that might not be the case.

Brad- I got the treadle in about 2 weeks. But, I may not be using it now b/c I do not want to go through the headache of putting my press on blocks. I am looking into hooking up the motor that it came with.

So, I may be looking to sell this treadle at a good price! It’s for a 10x15 (they said it would work on a 12x18, that’s why I bought it.) Let me know if you are interested. It’s ready to ship, I kept the crate and all I have to do is seal it up and send to UPS.


If the treadle (meaning the part you put your foot on) fits your press, why don’t you have a new hook made to the right length, or even have the old one altered by a blacksmith?

If that motor you have is a decent one (like a variable speed Star Kimble) I’d sell that treadle and run it off the motor!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Is your treadle still available? I have a 10 X 15 and was looking for that very part(s).